Culture First Tour


Wednesday, November 1

A day of learning how to change the world of work

The world's most innovative organizations have a new competitive advantage - culture. As the work people do becomes increasingly complex, and expectations of what work looks like evolve - culture is what ensures your organization wins the marathon, not just the sprint. Join us for a day of keynote speakers and interactive workshops exploring how you can put culture first at your organization.


Key Speakers


8:30 am

Registration & breakfast

9:00 am

Welcome: Why Culture First?

JD Peterson,
Chief Growth Officer, Culture Amp

9:15 am


Beth Gschiel Clutterbuck
VP & Global Head of People, Deliveroo

9:45 am


There are two breakout sessions. Each group will complete one session before lunch, and another after lunch.

Experiential sessions hosted by Culturevist and The Pioneers

Culturevist - How to create a prototype

Do you have a list of ideas for how to develop your culture and not yet got round to developing them? Been inspired by something you’ve heard today and like to try it in your company? This workshop gives us the time and support to leave the session with a prototype of an idea that we can share with our colleagues for further development. We'll be able to show our ideas, rather than just say them.

The Pioneers - How to use your pioneers to create a culture that gives you a competitive advantage

You want to create a special, distinctive culture that gives you a competitive advantage, but how do you do it? This session will look at some of the key practical skills you need to facilitate innovation as well as the process for discovering new management practices and ways of working.

Culture Amp Insights - Storytelling with data workshop

In this session we learn how to integrate data in the stories we tell. Data helps explain, clarify and inspire action and change.

Together, we will make a collection of stories to:

  • Help shape the conversation about culture and engagement in your organization
  • Connect survey results to broader business goals and aspirations
  • Create a common language and narrative about what makes your company
12:00 pm


See 'Breakout session A' for more information

Experiential sessions hosted by Culturevist and The Pioneers
Culture Amp Insights - Storytelling with data workshop
3:00 pm


Moderator: Steven Huang, Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp
Jennifer Rhule, Head of Culture & Employee Engagement, Royal London
Jeffrey Green, CEO,
Dee Jas, Senior Director, People & Culture, Girl Effect

3:45 pm


Andrew Lam-Po-Tang, Executive Director, Business Transformation, R/GA

Amy Materka, Head of Employee Experience, R/GA

4:15 pm

Closing remarks

4:20 pm

Drinks & networking


Join us for a full day of interactive learning followed by an evening of thought leadership and inspiration.

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