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COVID-19 Wellbeing 2020

Since releasing our COVID-19 Response survey in March and our dedicated COVID-19 Wellbeing survey in May, we’ve had close to 500 companies globally use the templates to help understand how their employee’s wellbeing is tracking during this time, including how they are adapting to remote work and balancing added personal life demands. We now have sufficient data to create a full benchmark (this requires a minimum of 20 companies and 20,000 responses).

The insights we share below are based on the first 140,000 individual responses, and the data will be reviewed again once more surveys have been launched.

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    Questions answered

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  • ~500


The data meet our criteria as being robust and reliable; unlikely to substantially change over time; and representative of the wider industry.
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Data provided by Culture Amp

Industry breakdown

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  • Information Technology and Services


  • Non-Profit Organization Management


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  • Financial Services


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  • Wholesale


Region breakdown

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How is employee wellbeing tracking during this time?

74% of employees feel an overall sense of work wellbeing.

Overall Wellbeing

Overall employee wellbeing is defined using these 5 questions that measure productivity, positivity, stress, fatigue, and resilience.

I am feeling productive during this time


I generally feel positive towards work at [Company]


At present, I have enough energy to overcome challenges at work 


During these challenging times, I feel able to bounce back as quickly as I normally would


Recently, my levels of stress feel manageable


We've found overall wellbeing is higher than expected for during this time, indicating that for companies that surveyed employees are feeling productive, resilient and positive towards work.

Which questions matter the most?

In the same way that you can’t just make someone feel more engaged, you can’t just make an employee have wellbeing or not burnout - you need to understand what things are impacting their overall wellbeing and focus on these.

Our data tells us that supporting employees to better manage work and personal demands and helping them feel that their work is worthwhile is most important right now. Support with being productive in their current environment (be that remote or on-site) and addressing their concerns are also of top importance. Interestingly, one area that we do not have enough data for yet but is starting to present as a very strong driver is employees feeling confident that they can make progress in their career aspirations in the current environment.

Note that there are 6 wellbeing questions that have been excluded but will be included in future analyses as soon as there is sufficient data available.


I feel equipped to manage both personal and work life demands right now

75% favorable

Work life blend

In general, I feel what I am doing at work right now is worthwhile

88% favorable


I can work productively in my current environment

88% favorable

Work Environment

I find the current pace of work at [Company] energizing

65% favorable

Work pressure

[Company] has addressed our key areas of concern in relation to COVID-19

84% favorable

Company and Leadership Commitment

Least favorable areas

People answering COVID-19 Wellbeing 2020 were least favorable about the following areas:

The data shows that items around managing energy, work pressure, and social connections are among the least favorable. The emphasis here is on quality social time, overall our data suggests that employees are staying connected to one another (82%) but this findings suggests that more meaningful, perhaps less task orientated, interactions are needed.


I am able to effectively switch off from work to make time for rest

54% favorable

Managing Energy

Most days, I can accomplish all I need to during my normal working hours

62% favorable

Work pressure

I am spending enough quality time interacting with others

63% favorable

Social Connections

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