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Culture First

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These are testing times.Let’s help each other meet the challenges.

In a crisis, our values are tested. Each of us —personally, professionally, collectively— has the chance to be our best selves, to truly embody our values.

More than ever, we need to put culture first.

Didier Elzinga, Culture Amp CEO

Resilience resources

A crowd-sourced collection of ideas, information and resources to help you navigate challenging times.

Know about a great resource that’s missing? Tell us about it—we’ll be updating this list regularly as things change.

Free Emergency Response Survey Template from Culture Amp

Keep your people in the loop and have their concerns inform your strategy: here’s a free template from Culture Amp’s People Science team, with an extended emergency response survey and a special COVID-19 pulse survey.

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Want more context? Understand How HR can keep people safe from coronavirus .

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Virtual chapters

Culture First Chapters are groups hosting local events for Culture First professionals. We know that meeting face-to-face is not how everyone finds belonging through connection.

Virtual chapters, now and always, allow the conversation to continue from wherever you are.

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