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Culture First

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These are testing times.Let’s help each other meet the challenges.

In a crisis, our values are tested. Each of us – personally, professionally, collectively – has the chance to be our best selves, to truly embody our values.

More than ever, we need to put culture first.


Didier Elzinga, Culture Amp CEO

Resilience resources

A crowd-sourced collection of ideas, information and resources to help you navigate challenging times.

Know about a great resource that’s missing? Tell us about it – we’ll be updating this list regularly as things change.

Free Emergency Response Survey Template from Culture Amp

Keep your people in the loop and have their concerns inform your strategy: here’s a free template from Culture Amp’s People Science team, with an extended emergency response survey and a special COVID-19 pulse survey.

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Want more context? Understand How HR can keep people safe from coronavirus .

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Supporting your team

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Working remotely

9 resources

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Health information

6 resources

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Crowd-sourced ideas

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These are great too

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Virtual chapters

Culture First Chapters are groups hosting local events for Culture First professionals. We know that meeting face-to-face is not how everyone finds belonging through connection.

Virtual chapters, now and always, allow the conversation to continue from wherever you are.

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Get the tools, knowledge, and support you need – and make connections with your peers.

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