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Culture First

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What we stand for

Culture comes first

At the heart of Culture First is a commitment to amplifying what people are capable of being and achieving.

As leaders, founders, and culture activists, we have an imperative to establish healthier norms of human interaction that encourage and sustain the growth of our people. We have an imperative to put Culture First.


Brandon Summut, Chief People & Culture Officer at LiveRamp on what it means to be Culture First

Culture is:


Culture is foundational to what we consider to be real and meaningful, what we can perceive, and how we are able to act in the world.

It sets the horizon for behavior by conditioning what is acceptable, what is rewarded, what is normal, and what is prohibited.

Culture comes first, whether you’re conscious of it or not. That’s what we mean when we say Culture is Foundational.


Culture is relational – it comes to life in how we connect with one another. Each of us is an agent in shaping the cultures we engage with through how we choose to participate, or not.

The quality of our relationships, where we focus our attention and shared energy, gives rise to the culture we create.

Whether you’re a passive consumer of culture, or an active agent in cultivating it is determined by the relationships you build and what and how you share.


Culture is alive, it renews itself each time we interact. It is catalyzed in social rituals both large and small, where what we care about shines through.

It’s the buzzing sensation of purpose brought to life in connection. That hard-to-describe quality of being together in coherence. The sensation of emergence.

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