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Manager Effectiveness 2020

Culture Amp's Manager Effectiveness survey is a simple but powerful way for organizations to capture actionable feedback for their people leaders across a range of management behaviors. The survey, inspired by the Google Oxygen project, produces benchmarks allowing companies and managers to see how they are doing compared to others around the world.

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The data meet our criteria as being robust and reliable; unlikely to substantially change over time; and representative of the wider industry.
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Data provided by Culture Amp

Industry breakdown

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  • Information Technology and Services


  • Apparel & Fashion


  • Hospital & Health Care


  • Public Relations and Communications


  • Commercial Real Estate


  • Investment Banking


  • Internet


  • Financial Services


  • Utilities


Region breakdown

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  • Oceania


How effective do teams think their managers are?

82% of participants think they have an effective manager.

Overall Manager Effectiveness

Manager effectiveness measures the overall perception of a manager's effectiveness by their team. It looks at willingness to recommend as well as motivation and personal connection.

My manager makes me feel valued


I would recommend this person as a manager


My manager helps me stay motivated to do my best work


Generally scores for manager effectiveness are quite high with a significant positive skew. Survey participation is also high, with even the bottom quartile scoring 71%. The data shows that managers have a relatively easy time being good humans to their team members – in areas such as team members feeling valued and managers caring about team members’ wellbeing – whereas being able to motivate team members proves to be more difficult. That’s why we tend to see greater differentiation amongst non-outcome questions, such as coaching, in this survey.

Which questions matter the most?

The questions that impact our primary outcome for this survey, manager effectiveness, tell us which aspects affect managers being perceived as effective by their teams. An interesting finding is the wide range of different topics in which managers need to be strong. No single theme is over-represented, unlike in other benchmarks. The top 10 drivers show a slight trend towards effective managers creating inclusive, caring environments where managers get to know their team in ways that demonstrate they care: fortunately, this was among the highest scoring items, showing managers are already doing a good job at this.

The actionable takeaway for managers is that helping set their team members up for success in terms of role and structure is the most important thing to do to be perceived as effective. And with the average score being just 68% favorable, managers have plenty of opportunity for improvement in this area.


My manager ensures I am in the right place in the company to be successful

68% favorable


My manager frequently recognises when I deliver good work

78% favorable

Fair Treatment

My manager builds an inclusive team environment

81% favorable


My manager makes decisions effectively (i.e. timely, with sufficient information/ perspectives)

81% favorable


My manager genuinely cares about my wellbeing

90% favorable


Least favorable areas

People answering Manager Effectiveness 2020 were least favorable about the following areas:

The lower scores for these areas demonstrate that managers generally have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to their development focus, the opportunities managers create for their team members, and the actionable feedback – necessary for developmental learning – that managers should be giving.


My manager helps me understand potential career paths at [Company]

56% favorable


My manager helps me find things in my work and career that really inspire me

64% favorable


My manager does a good job of managing our team's work (allocating work assignments, setting priorities, scheduling, etc.)

67% favorable

Fair Treatment

Insights data provided by Culture Amp. For a complete overview of 2020 Insights (Culture Amp Platform benchmarks) visit the Culture Amp Support Guide.

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